Impact of climate change on the interaction of fusarium species in oats and barley







The proposed project will ensure a coordinate action of the Scandinavian research effort towards minimizing FHB and the production of mycotoxins throughout the Nordic region. It will attempt to meet the specific needs faced by the Scandinavian countries regarding challenges in the battle of FHB and mycotoxin contamination in oats and barley. By exploiting different expertise, the project will generate important information and material of mutual interest and benefit for the Nordic research environment, with focus on local challenges that appeal to Nordic agriculture and politics. In particular the project will focus on the impact climate change and cultural practices may have on the dissemination of three important Fusarium species, investigate the molecular and metabolic outcomes from interaction studies of these species within the same host, and discover new potential toxins through genome sequence data. Finally, additional synergistic effects of the network will be the formation of a joint body of FHB competence, competitive in preparation of future EU applications of high quality.