Farm-Level Indicators for New Topics in policy evaluation

Farm-Level Indicators for New






FLINT(Farm-Level Indicators for New Topics in policy evaluation) will provide an updated data-infrastructure needed by policy makers to support the implementation of relevant strategies, policies and legislation in the Europe 2020 strategy. Better targeting of policies will be facilitated by taking into account the performance of farms on a wide range of relevant topics and will explicitly consider the heterogeneity of the farming sector in the EU and its member states. FLINT will analyze the developments in relevant policies and identify the need for new indicators relevant for the new policy orientations on (1) market stabilization, (2) income support, (3) environmental sustainability, (4) climate change adaptation and mitigation, (5) innovation, and (6) resource efficiency. FLINT will establish a pilot network of 1025 farms (representative of farm diversity at EU level, including the different administrative environments in the different MS) that is well suited for the gathering of data on the basis of farm-level indicators to test indicators and methodologies. FLINT will test the value added of these additional data and indicators by incorporating them in a number of policy analysis case studies.