Manipulating Grass – Fungal Endophyte Symbioses to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Increase Soil Carbon Sequestration in Pastures of Finland, New Zealand, and the United States

EndoGas Manipulating Grass F






The primary goal of this project is to evaluate the ability of various grass – fungal endophyte symbioses to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from pasture soils and enhance soil carbon sequestration. An additional goal is to build a unique, multi-partner/country/institution dataset exploring a relatively novel approach (the use of grass-endophyte pairings) to improving pasture and forage-based system sustainability. We aim to build long-term collaborations amongst the partners, who are committed to improving international agricultural sustainability, in part by GHG emissions from crop- and pasture-land. Our basic hypothesis is that certain grass – endophyte combinations will be more effective at reducing GHG fluxes and promoting carbon sequestration than others and could therefore provide these environmental benefits while maintaining agricultural production in temperate grazinglands.