1. Tausta ja tavoitteet
The initiative to establish the EFINORD Regional Office (RO) was taken by forest research organisations in North European countries, including relevant research institutes and universities, supported by forest sector stakeholders in the region. The office was lauched 2010.

The main aims of EFINORD are:
1. to strengthen North European forest research and networking in Europe and encourage North European forest researchers to take part in pan-European and international projects
2. to increase regional synergy within forest research by e.g. supporting and facilitating networks, research meetings, projects and joint utilisation of unique research facilities
3. to promote research activities of North European relevance
4. to contribute to EFI’s strategic core functions: research, policy support, networking, supply of information and advocacy
5. to initiate and facilitate communication of research results, thereby supporting EFI’s strategic aim of providing information on Europe’s forests to stakeholders.

2. Toteutus
Activities include joint research projects and promotion of research topics, networking and platforms for sharing information and research results, raising awareness of the focus area "Sustainable bioeconomy in the Nordic-Baltic region", and for example mapping out the information needs as well as creating potentials for new businesses.

3. Tuotokset

Results are networks, research funding applications, research reports, meetings, workshops, Newsletters and web pages jne.

4. Vaikuttavuus ja käytäntöön vienti

5. Asiakkaat