Crop, Livestock and Forests Integrated System for Intelligent Automation, Processing and Control in Arable and Livestock Farms, and Forests

Crop Livestoc and Forests Int






Pre-proposal abstract draft: CLAFIS is an intelligent integrated information monitoring and management solution consisting of an agricultural data resource, automatic processing capabilities, intelligent and control subsystem, and a human machine interface (HMI) with visualization capabilities. CLAFIS supports farms and forests information and data (FID) management systems for data collection, connection and analysis of data through sensing and monitoring. CLAFIS make it possible for adoption technologies, machines and equipment, all talk together in the various supply chains in farms, forests and agribusinesses. Information sources (weather data, climate related data, field management, Variable Rate Application (VRA), GPS, process and building automation, reporting and documentation, etc,.) which are today scattered on manufacturer specific systems need to be integrated and standardized. Integration of these data will be the most effective way for new innovative solutions overcoming today’s challenges. The role of Luke in CLAFIS is to provide Luke´s CropInfra platform for the trial usecases in the EU CLAFIS project. The usecase trial in Luke in Finland is with seeding of grass/grains: to demonstrate the use of machine automation for grain seeding depth control using sensor fusion technology at Luke Finland. Aalto University implements ISOBUS / IoT sensor network with OPC UA technologies. Novel processes developed in the trial include real-time seeding depth control, map-based seeding logging for different future operations (lane treatment technologies). Real-time remote monitoring. Future Internet real-time support and data logging. The trial is done in cooperation with Luke, Finland/ Aalto University, Finland/ Wapce Oy, Finland/Junkkari Oy, Finland/ and Novitek Solutions, Denmark.