Building shared knowledge capital to support natural resource governance in the Northern Periphery (Preparatory Call)







Peripheral livelihoods and land use depend heavily on natural resources but their management is often contested by various stakeholder interests. The challenge of reconciliation of various land-use modes is how to acknowledge, combine and make use of local, scientific and other expert knowledge. This project develops planning tools that make use of participatory techniques for decision making.

Concretely, the development of participatory tools such as participatory GIS, is needed. Until now these tools have been developed for urban areas and utilized successfully. However, the challenges of the use the tools in rural areas are the following: how to reach various stakeholders in sparsely populated areas and how to make especially social and traditional knowledge spatially explicit. In addition, the challenge is how to apply information technology dependent participatory methods for remote regions.

The project will work with stakeholders in such livelihoods as herding, tourism, recreation, forestry, mining and energy production. The focus is in local, as well as in indigenous, residents’ knowledge.

Plethora of knowledge has been collected in relation to environmental planning and natural resource use. However, it is not clear how all this knowledge is used in decision-making and whose voice is heard. In addition, collected knowledge is often of natural scientific or economical by nature. Socio-cultural knowledge is sometimes not regarded as knowledge at all, and its use in decision-making is considered difficult. Also the importance of ecological knowledge is often contested. Our demonstration projects are related to e.g. herding (reindeer, deer, sheep), tourism, recreation, forestry, mining and energy production.

Tarkennnuksena, että tällä hakemuksella haetaan suunnittelulupaa noin neljä kuukautta kestävään NPA-haun valmisteluhankkeeseen. Valmisteluhankkeen rahoituksella on tarkoitus saattaa loppuun päähakemus NPAP-hakuun, joka tulee olla lähetettynä lokakuussa 2015 NPAP-hankkeen sihteeristölle.