Novel enabling IT technologies boosting efficient utilization of open satellite data in precision agriculture

BoostSat Novel enabling IT tech






To exploit new free, weekly available open satellite data in precision farming supported by novel UAV technologies and aerial imaging.

The offer focuses the issues of information fusion and data flows in order to develop functional information service concepts.
1.For each data source: What is the desired data processing level?
2.Data flows from and to different data sources, i.e. What are the synergies of the data sets?
3.How to perform integrated analysis?
4.What is the performance level of different data sources?
We will consider two different tasks: optimizing the nitrogen fertilization and anomaly detection. In each task we will consider different combinations of satellite and insitu data: only satellite data: satellite, MAV CIR images and CHM: satellite, MAV hyperspectral images and CHM: satellite, UAV hyperspectral images and CHM: satellite and farmer observations (UAV images, CHMs, terrestrial images etc.): satellite, tractor work execution maps. These methodologies will be connected to the weather based crop growth estimates.