Biotalous ja riskit







1) Tausta ja tavoitteet

Forests are Finland’s most important bio-resource. The transfer of the Finnish economy towards bioeconomy nessecitates a sustainable use of forest resources. However, forests, as a national asset and as an ecosystem, face several risks, that can threaten their ability to produce material (such as timber) and immaterial products and services (such as climate benefits). These risks can be categorized between biotic and abiotic ones. Examples of the former are pathogens, animal damage, and insect pests, and example of the latter are wind and fire.

2) Toteutus

In this project, we aim at laying foundations for longer term, multi-disciplinary research looking into managerial, societal and policy implications of risks and uncertainties facing Finland’s forest resources. This undertaking is carried out in Luke in collaboration with other relevant parties. In this study, we will determine the requirements of building a bridge between biological and economic knowledge of risks on forests. For example, we are interested in how the risks reflect in the state of forest resources on one hand, and how they reflect in the forest-owner behavior, on the other hand.

3) Tuotokset

More specifically we will:

1.Identify the most relevant risks that forests in Finland will face in the future
b.damage potential
2.Evaluate the main mechanisms that the risks carry their impacts
a.Spatial development
b.Nature of dynamic impacts
3.Identify the mechanisms how the risks enter landowner decision making
4.Determine what are the best ways to integrate the physical risk modeling with economic modeling.
5.Sketch a plan for a research Luke-driven research project aiming at external funding.

The methods used in our undertaking will be literature survey, experimental modeling, interviews of experts.

4) Vaikuttavuus ja käytäntöön vienti

As a result of this preliminary study, Luke will be better prepared to respond to increasing demand on risk-related information concerning forest resources.

5) Asiakkaat

Forestowners, ministeries, forest-sector institutes