The Internet of Fields: smart and mobile farm management software

Agroptima The Internet of Fiel






Farmers need a software farm management tool to keep record of their activities on the fields, make better decisions based on real data and manage from one place their fields, machines, products, etc. The reality is that a lot of farmers want to use such a tool, but the problem is that current software tools have a series of deficiencies: they are not mobile, they are hard to use or they are not based on real data, etc. Most farmers end up making poor decisions, which are not based on data. Agroptima is a simple and modern mobile APP and a cloud software tool for farmers, designed with farmers. It will have a simple interface and farmers can work from the fields without internet connection. Agroptima allows the farmer to keep record of his activities, crops and to analyze costs, based on real data he gathers with his smartphone. The software will have an API to connect to devices to gather real time data from sensors, tractors and other machinery.