The work in MANURE STANDARDS is organised in five work packages.

WP1 includes project administration and basic communication, while the actual content is in WPs 2-5.

WP2 develops joint guidelines for manure sampling and analysis and collection of information on manure management practices on farms.

WP3 focuses on joint principles of mass balance calculation of manure, starting from animal feeding and excretion to manure after housing and after storage.

WP4 assesses the impacts of using the manure data developed: how should the data be used in nutrient bookkeeping, are there changes in manure-related emissions when using the new data and will the farm economy by altered.

WP5 makes sure the different target groups involved, farmers, advisors, authorities, policymakers and researchers, engage in a true dialogue and the methods, data and recommendations produced truly reply to their needs. The ultimate aim is to plan the implementation of the joint guidelines and thus create a level playing field for all farmers and countries for effective manure use.

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