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Due to increasing restrictions regarding chemical pesticides and a growing demand for sustainable production practices, biopesticides are expected to keep growing and become an essential biocontrol tool in agriculture and horticulture all over Europe. There is an urgent need to develop novel products and application technologies to not only “fill the gaps” in the market due to chemical pesticide removal, but also to combat resistance to currently used pesticides.

We at Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) want to take part in the development and testing of biopesticides and other new biocontrol tools. In this webinar, we will showcase our knowledge and how we could work with you to develop and test biopesticides. In this on-demand webinar, our experts present the latest development in weed and pest control and related customer cases.

Speakers: Pentti Ruuttunen (Luke), Marleena Hagner (Luke), Heini Koskula (Biotus)

Length: 27 minutes (presentations) + 21 minutes (Q&A)

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