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Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry

Finnish Statistical Yearbook of Forestry 2022

Finnish statistical yearbook is a compilation of key statistics of Finnish forests, forestry and forest industries. The book also discusses nature and forest protection. In addition to tables and texts, the book features diverse information graphics. The book comes in two languages – all data is presented in Finnish and in English.

In addition, the publication is also available as a printed book, subject to a charge, on Luke’s online store.

The online version of the book is directly linked to the statistics database. You can access the database through links added to the tables in the online book. The tables on which data is not available in Luke’s database are attached as Excel-files.

The contents of Finnish statistical yearbook of forestry:

1. Forest resources

2. Forest protection and biodiversity

3. Silviculture

4. Roundwood trade

5. Roundwood removals and drain

6. Profitability in non-industrial, private forestry

7. Forest sector labour force

8. Wood consumption

9. Forest industry

10. Foreign trade by forest industries

11. Forest sector in Finland's national economy

12. International forest statistics