The Natural Resources Institute of Finland produces tailored research and specialist services, research data and solutions based on research data that cover the entire value chain of timber for all parties involved in the forest industry. Our knowledge is based on long-term monitoring and field tests. We are a neutral, multi-disciplinary research institute of bio economy with research projects of high international standard.

The forest industry service areas include:

  • Forest resources and planning
  • Silviculture services
  • Technical solutions
  • Assessment of usability and product potential of wood-based raw materials
  • New bio refining products

Forest resources and planning

The monitoring system of forests and forest resources helps us to produce information about:

  • Forest resources – volume, growth and quality of growing stock
  • Use of land and forest ownership arrangements
  • Forest health
  • Forest biodiversity and
  • The coal storages in forests and changes in them

Information is available on local and national level.

Silviculture services

We offer the most up-to-date data and solutions for forest renewal and silviculture.

Technical solutions

We offer solutions for harvesting and transport, forestry and silviculture and the production of agro-biomass and test them together with the client.

Assessment of usability and product potential of wood-based raw materials

We provide assessments on the availability, features and usability of wood as a raw material for different purposes. This service is particularly of interest now that the basis of Finnish raw material for the sawmill and plywood industry is undergoing change as the supply of wood from planted forests and thinning is on the increase.

New products

We constantly seek for biomaterials and biocatalysts that can be used in different kinds of industrial applications.