The Natural Resources Institute of Finland produces tailored research and specialist services, research data and solutions based on research data for all parties involved in the food supply chain. We are a neutral, multi-disciplinary research institute of bioeconomy. Our research projects are of high international standard.

The services in our food and retail sector include:

  • Product development services
  • Services associated with food safety
  • Reports, analysis and scientific models

Product development

We provide services for the development of foodstuff processes and product development. We occupy a R&D hall fit for many uses that has pilot scale equipment suitable for processing root vegetables, vegetables and dairy products. The equipment makes the development of existing and new foodstuff applications possible.

Furthermore, we help our clients to explore how they can make use of minor flows and find solutions in connection to the accountability and traceability of the food supply chain and reduction of food waste.

Food safety

In order to develop food safety, we offer services such as microbial identification, a testing track for the identification of alien objects, and sensory evaluation of food products. Our services include the chemical and microbiological laboratory analysis needed in the development process and an extensive set of measures of studying the functional properties.

Reports and analysis

The Natural Resources Institute of Finland also offers its expertise for analysing consumer behaviour, for example with a study focusing on buying behaviour and consumer motivation. We can help in the development of product and service chains and competitive factors and studying the changes in the supply chain and the alternative supply channels.

Our experts can also produce, in accordance with client needs, e.g. analysis on the future prospects within the food industry and information on market functionality. In addition, different kinds of scientific modelling methods are available for our clients. We produce specialist forecasts on, inter alia, the profitability and risks of the investments.