The Natural Resources Institute of Finland produces tailored research and specialist services, research data and solutions built on research data in the sectors of circular economy, energy and chemistry. We are a neutral, multi-disciplinary research institute of bio economy. Our research projects are of high international standard.

These kind of expertise are applicable in particular in the development of systems and concepts that will serve the circular economy in a wider context; for example, solutions in compliance with the principles of industrial symbiosis and their assessment, development and recognition with regard to economic and ecological sustainability. Research expertise that covers the entire value chain and understanding the needs of the various parties of the chain are our strength.
We can offer comprehensive support in the various challenges and research questions of circular economy.

Services of the sector

  • The research and expert services in connection with the solutions of circular economy, use of minor flows, industrial symbiosis, energy solutions, nutrient recycling and new, organic fertiliser products and the assessment of nutrient usability.
  • The characterisation and analysis of bio economy raw materials and products and their features, assessment of biomass potential, profitability of overall solutions, evaluation of sustainability and resource and environmental efficiency and overall optimisation.

Furthermore, we possess process expertise that serves the circular economy and the energy sector in the following areas, inter alia: biogas processes, pyrolysis, fermenting and other bioprocesses, hot water extraction and the various extraction methods. There is laboratory and pilot scale infrastructure (equipment) in our use.

Taking advantage of bioprocesses, we can impact the removal of harmful substances in products by the use of microbes and to increase beneficial components. With our thorough expertise in the raw materials and products of bio economy and their properties and processing alternatives, we can help companies to come about with new solutions and concepts to promote circular economy and to take advantage of the minor flows. Furthermore, by using our pilot and laboratory scale equipment, we can assist companies in the optimisation of production scale processes (e.g. utilisation of minor flows) and the solution of process-related problems.