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Utsjoki research infrastructure

The research infrastructure in Utsjoki is located near the confluence of the Utsjoki and Tenojoki rivers on the Tenojoki riverbank. Natural northern fish stocks are studied at the river Tenojoki. Special emphasis is placed on migratory fish.

Tenojoki. Kuva: Panu Orell.

River Tenojoki

  • Underwater research and measuring devices
  • Electric fishing gear and related equipment
  • Boats, fishing equipment
  • Fish handling facilities
  • Fish ageing equipment

River Näätämöjoki

  • monitoring salmon run-ups by sonar

River Tuulomajoki

  • salmon stock monitoring

Area of research

The main area of research focuses on the Finnish part of Teno basin’s:

  • fishery and catch statistics.
  • counting the number of upwelling salmon using underwater video and echo sounding.
  • counting the number of spawning salmon in tributaries by surface sampling.
  • determination of the age and size structure and origin (wild/farmed salmon) of salmon runs from scale samples.
  • determination of the occurrence of different salmon stocks in salmon fisheries in the main Teno river basin (genetics).
  • estimation of the densities of young fish in rivers by electrofishing.
  • collection of samples of fry for examination of possible presence of the Gyrodactylus salaris parasite.

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