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Jokioinen research laboratories


  • Product development hall
  • FoodPilot pilot hall, for plant-based product concepts
  • FoodPilot pilot hall, dairy process
  • Laboratory and pilot-scale separation technology services
  • Specialised technologies:
    • Extrusion technology
    • Fish oil and protein fractionation
    • egg fractionation
    • microencapsulation
    • Bioprocessing Technology Laboratory
Photo: Eetu Ahanen


  • insect breeding for feed production 
  • product development
  • management and development of supplementary material 
  • utilisation of side streams 
  • development and evaluation of the overall sustainability of insect farming


  • Research platform for biorefineries and the circular economy 
  • Nutrient and organic matter cycling in biomasses
  • Pilot scale testing of biogas technologies, pyrolysis and nutrient recovery technologies
  • Research into process chains, manufacturing products from biomass and by-products
  • Research into biogas production