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Public Authority and Expert Services

We monitor the sustainability of natural resources from social, financial and consumption perspectives. Above all, our goal is that Finnish natural resources remain vital far into the future and that decisions concerning them are based on high-quality information.

We produce information and services

for assessing the consumption and climate impact of natural resources and preparing natural resources policies. The programme covers:

  • The monitoring of game, fish, forests, agriculture and invasive alien species, and the greenhouse gas inventory
  • The genetic resources programme for agriculture, forestry and fisheries
  • Breeding programmes for trees, horticultural crops and fish
  • Aquaculture
  • Reviews in the forest sector, agriculture and food industry
  • Profitability calculations for agriculture, horticulture and reindeer husbandry
  • Inspections and tests: crop protection agents, plant species, ATP certifications, feed value, and official timber measurements
  • Expert services and statements

In addition, the programme is responsible for Luke’s official tasks.

The reliability of information is important to us

We have dozens of different monitoring and data collection projects, as well as reviews, to identify how sustainably we use forest, fish and game resources, for example. We continuously develop monitoring and analysis methods in cooperation with research to strengthen the reliability of information. Monitoring is part of the programme’s diverse content.
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The programme is responsible for a significant part of Finland’s monitoring processes for natural resources: fish, game, forest and agriculture, invasive alien species, and part of the greenhouse gas inventory. In addition, it participates in the evaluation of threatened species and habitats.
Winter forest landscape

Advisory board

Advisory boards of research programmes and the Public Authority and Expert Services programme represent Luke’s key stakeholders and customers. The advisory boards convene once or twice a year to discuss the development needs and results of their respective research programmes. Their members are primarily Finnish or people living in Finland, but foreign specialists may also be invited to join the boards.

  • Jukka Bisi, Metsähallitus
  • Sirpa Fourastié, Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • Petri Liljaniemi, Ministry of the Environment
  • Pia Mäkelä, Finnish Food Authority
  • Mika Oraluoma, ELY Centre for Lapland
  • Anna Rakemaa, Finnish Forest Centre
  • Niina Riissanen, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Eira Varis, Regional Council of North Karelia

Programme director