BioSociety research areas and contacts

“Not even the best research data produces any benefits if it is not used. A sustainable bioeconomy needs actions from all parts of society”. Pasi Rikkonen, Programme Director

Bioeconomy policies

  • Impacts of public policies and regulations
  • Coherence and effectiveness of sectoral, trade, environmental, energy and climate policies
  •  Process of policymaking and design of new policy measures
  • Governance structures

Bioeconomy markets and business

  • Market monitoring and competitiveness analysis
  • Functioning of markets and price formation
  • New business opportunities
  • Innovation in bioeconomy markets
  • Regional, employment and macroeconomic effects of growth in the bioeconomy

Sustainability and wellbeing in bioeconomy

  • Tools, models and frameworks to analyse overall sustainability
  • Solutions for climate smart and resource efficient bioeconomy
  • Analyses and reconciliation tools of natural resources multi-use
  • Effects of nature on well-being

Wildlife in bioeconomy

  • Multidiciplinary research on human-wildlife coexistence
  • Holistic sustainability and Integration of effects of bioeconomy sectors on wildlife
  • Population dynamics and trophic networks under changing habitats and climate
  • Wildlife, economics and human well-being
  • Science-based tools for sustainable wildlife and habitat management

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