Innovative Food System research areas and contacts

“Food systems need to face major global challenges. We need research-based information about climate-neutral, sustainable and competitive food production in Finland.” Programme director Johanna Vilkki

Genomics and breeding

  • Estimation of breeding values, genomic selection
  • Gene mapping and functional studies
  • Evaluation and use of genetic diversity
  • Reproductive technologies

Sustainable and competitive animal production

  • Animal nutrition
  • Feed composition
  • Microbiome (rumen)
  • Milk production chain

Sustainable and competitive plant production

  • Plant health, IPM
  • Soil ecology
  • Sustainable intensification of agricultural systems
  • Horticulture, greenhouse production

Value-added food and aquabiomass products

  • Understanding raw material properties
  • Side-stream processing
  • Extraction and fractioning with novel methods
  • Identification of bioactive compounds

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