Boreal Green Bioeconomy research areas and contacts

“Finland is a hub for the forest bioeconomy where natural forest resources are managed and used profitably and sustainably. We can succeed in this by addressing the needs of the bioeconomy and biodiversity, as well as climate change mitigation, and by justing to climate change.” Tuula Packalen, Programme Director

Genomics and breeding

  • Evaluation, genetic conservation and use of genetic diversity
  • High throughput phenotyping and precision breeding
  • Tree genomics and genomic breeding methods
  • Added value from breeding to forestry: new technologies and economic analyses

Sustainable biomass production

  • Intensification of biomass production
  • Forest management concepts
  • Abiotic and biotic risk management
  • Environmental impacts of forestry
  • Modelling of forest dynamics

Forest resources and operations

  • New forest inventory techniques
  • Regional scenario models and analyses
  • Multiple use forest and land use planning
  • Efficiency and acceptability of forest operations

Forest products and biorefinery

  • Formation and characterisation of biomass for advanced utilisation
  • Valorisation of biomass by cascade and resource efficient processing
  • Wood-based materials and products for added value solutions
  • Improving NTFP utilisation and business opportunities

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