The Boreal Green Bioeconomy programme promotes sustainable use of renewable resources in a fast-paced operating environment.

Our objective is to secure growing and stable forest and field biomass as raw material, create new products, energy and services from such raw materials and develop the production and refining processes of the bioeconomy. We seek to improve the biodiversity of forest and field ecosystems and to increase flexible planning of biomass use.

Focus areas:

Biomass production

  • Intensification of bioproduction
  • Abiotic and bioticrisk management
  • Improvement of biodiversity
  • Precision breeding

Resource-smart planning and decision making

  • Data on demand
  • Regional scenarios
  • Land use optimization and closure of yield gaps
  • Sustainability, acceptability and biodiversity

Harvesting and logistics

  • Digitalization and  big data
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Machine concepts
  • Human-machine interactions

Biorefineries and  industrial symbioses

  • Biorefinery potential of biomass
  • Biomass conversion technologies
  • Industrial symbioses and biocircular economy

Bioeconomy products, services and value chains

  • Wood products industries
  • Green building concepts and urbanization
  • Wild forest products
  • Services from nature-based well-being and health

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