“Finland is a hub for the forest bioeconomy where natural forest resources are managed and used profitably and sustainably. We can succeed in this by addressing the needs of the bioeconomy and biodiversity, as well as climate change mitigation, and by justing to climate change.” Tuula Packalen, Programme Director

Forests are needed to bind carbon and help to mitigate climate change. Renewable wood-based biomass serves to replace non-renewable raw materials. The significance of forests in providing immaterial services is also increasing. We produce information to secure forest growth and biodiversity in changing climate conditions. We develop solutions that help to process new sustainable energy, products and services from bio-based raw materials, and we promote production and processing that make use of the circular economy.

Our focus areas

  • Genomics and breeding
  • Sustainable biomass production
  • Forest resources and operations
  • Forest products and biorefinery