Each of Luke’s four thematic programmes has a Stakeholder Advisory Board (StAB) that represents the stakeholders and clients of central importance to Luke. The Stakeholder Advisory Boards convene twice annually to discuss the development needs and result of the thematic programme in question. Most of the members are Finnish or residents of Finland, but it is also possible to request international experts to take part, if there is not similar expertise available in the country. The StAB members are elected for a three-year term.

Stakeholder Advisory Board members of the Blue Bioeconomy theme

  • Aronen Ilmo, RD Director, Raisio Agro Oyj
  • Muotka Jukka, Senior Advisor, Fortum
  • Laakkonen, Mika, Specialist, Fishing and Fisheries Management, Metsähallitus
  • Røsjø Camilla, Director, Division Food Science, Nofima, Norway
  • Pastoors Martin, Senior Scientist, Pelagic Freezer-trawler Assosiation, Netherlands
  • Arason Sigurjón, Chief Engineer, Matis Ltd, Iceland
  • Vilhunen Sampsa, Head of Programme, WWF Finland
  • Lindberg-Lumme Pia, Private concultant, Fish farming industry