Blue Bioeconomy research areas and contacts

“Future growth potential lies in water and fish resources, aquaculture and water-related products, services and technologies.”

Programme director Petri Suuronen

Genomics and breeding

  • Breeding and genetics of aquaculture species
  • Broodstock management concepts
  • Genome based tools for breeding

Blue production

  • Sustainable production of aquatic organisms
  • Recirculating and off-shore aquaculture production methods and technologies
  • Aquafeed solutions
  • Symbiosis concepts

Sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems

  • Sustainable and profitable fisheries
  • Rebuilding migratory fish populations
  • Viable fish for releases
  • Conservation and management of threatened species
  • Spatial planning in waters

Value-added food and aquabiomass products

  • Fractionation and valorisation of aquatic biomass to added value products
  • Multidisciplinary approach on aquatic value chains
  • Valorisation of algae production

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