The waterways are our future, giving us growth potential that we can use sustainably while mitigating and recovering nutrient releases.

Our Blue Bioeconomy research provides comprehensive support for businesses based around waterways and water, such as fish and algae farming, fishing and the use of new technologies and by-products. We promote the use of waterways as an environment that can support wellbeing and recreation and develop new products and services based on the use of water.

Blue Bioeconomy in a Nutshell

Focus areas:

Blue Bioproduction

Nutrient Circulation and Industrial Symbioses

  • The creation of new value networks based on creative cooperation of different industries and aquatic production.
  • Intensified nutrient circulation in agriculture and aquaculture.

Sustainable use of aquatic ecosystems

  • Securing the possibilities of aquatic nature as a base for blue bioeconomy
  • Reconciling different interests in aquatic resource use

Added value from aquatic biomasses

  • Development of new business opportunities
  • The creation of added-value product concepts of aquatic biomasses using economically and ethically sustainable approaches
  • Exploitation of primary production and side streams as a source of various bioactive components (e.g. for the use of ingredient, nutraceutical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries)

Blue well-being and tourism

  • Sustainable water environment based tourism business
  • New well-being and Blue Care services
  • Recreational use of water environments

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