Climate change, biodiversity loss, changes in the use of land and water (sea and inland waters), overexploitation of natural resources, pollution and other environmental upheavals and pandemics pose significant challenges to the well-being of nature and society. In addition to mitigating change, anticipating and adapting to it — preparing for and adapting to it — and the means to manage risk are essential. On the other hand, change can also open up positive opportunities. The challenge for the programme is a holistic understanding of the complex interactions between natural ecosystems, production systems, and society, and the ability to maintain resilience in changing conditions.

The programme provides solutions to:

  • safeguard biodiversity and diverse ecosystem services, and opportunities for the future bioeconomy
  • the sustainable coordination of different sectoral and cross-sectoral needs and impacts in conflincing situations related to biodiversity, bioproduction and the use of natural resources
  • anticipating and tolerating, adapting to and coping with disturbances and risks in the operating environment and maintaining society’s long-term viability and security of supply in changing circumstances
  • seize and utilise the opportunities offered by change.