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What do we get by combining versatile expertise, the desire to try new things and close cooperation with the customer? The first health-beneficial product for dogs, Canius® – the result of long-term cooperation between Luke and Vetcare.

Product concepts, test products and finally Canius® are based on combining knowledge of nutrition, food chemistry, microbiology and technologies. The experimental model and laboratory facilities of Luke Jokioinen were applied innovatively as previously the experimental work has largely been done with food. Now the target group was the pets, in this case the dog.

Vetcare contacted Luke in 2010. They are very happy with Luke, and no wonder: Luke overcame the challenges and thus fulfilled the customer’s wishes.

“One of the biggest challenges was to turn the liquid into powder and extend its shelf life so that the product is also commercially viable”, says Luke’s Senior Scientist Tuomo Tupasela.

The product development project aimed at EU product licensing. Later on, there have been tests on the durability of various products in progress; some of them are still going on. In addition, bacterial identification methods were developed in Luke.

The product has been on the market since 2017. Best of all, both veterinarians and dog owners are happy with the product. It works as expected.

The product is also available outside Finland. In addition to product development, Luke also helped with the internationalization of the product: It is approved by the European Food Safety Authority EFSA. Luke understood what the product approval requires. Luke also brought credibility to the product as internationally recognized research organization.

Customer: “Luke is known for strong scientific expertise”

Vetcare is a Finnish company that investigates, develops and sells veterinary medicines and free trade products for animals. The project was funded by Vetcare Oy, and a part of the project was Tekes funding.

“Luke’s service is professional and customer-friendly. We are happy to cooperate with Luke because it is well known for its strong scientific expertise. Luke exceeded our expectations”, says Shea Beasley, Product Development Manager at Vetcare.

“In projects like this it’s important to maintain a constant contact with the customer. A close dialogue helped us achieve the goals of the project. It has been rewarding to be involved in the development of an innovative Finnish product”, tells Tuomo Tupasela.