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Luke has the best know-how on raw materials. Together, we can highlight the special properties of Finnish oats in comparison to imported oats.

The customer

Farmers in the Pirkanmaa and Satakunta regions (Sastamala) and Polar Glucan Oy, which specialises in the processing and production of oat.

The need

Finnish oats are exported to other countries as raw oats. However, the oats could be processed in the country of origin into end products that are much more valuable. This would generate more work for and increase the profits of all operators in the oat chain. The traceability of oats and proper quality control are important competitive factors when working with international companies.

The solution

Some 50 farmers in Sastamala have established a ring that focuses on the cultivation of oats that contain high beta-glucan values. With the help of a field laboratory, each farmer receives immediate information about the technical and safety quality of their crop and is subsequently able to prove to the customers the quality of their product. Thus the processor or end-user obtains oats of the desired quality, and the farmer benefits directly when operations can be streamlined and savings are achieved in the drying and transport costs of the oats, for example.

The oats grown in Sastamala are used to produce colloidal oat powder, which has properties beneficial to the skin. Thanks to Polar Glucan Oy, colloidal oat powder is now used in cosmetic products sold internationally. New applications for colloidal oat powder are being explored in the drink, bakery and meat industries.

The effectiveness

Thanks to the collaboration, the properties of Finnish oats have been noticed and are made use of internationally.

The funding

Joutsenten reitti ry, Aktiivinen Pohjois-Satakunta ry, Polar Glucan Oy

Comments from the customer

“The interaction between the researchers and farmers has been direct and immediate. Ideas could be tested in practice from early on. Such a connection promotes progress.”
Markku Välimäki, farmer

“Luke is familiar with the properties of different oat varieties and is able to verify their technical and safety quality. Luke has the best know-how on raw materials. Together, we can highlight the special properties of Finnish oats in comparison to imported oats. Thanks to Luke’s credibility and reputation, companies find collaboration an attractive prospect.”
Ilkka Lehtomäki, Managing Director, Polar Glucan Oy

Comments from Luke

“Close collaboration and genuine interaction with the various operators in the oat chain is the basis of all operations. It is easiest to determine what customers need when we sit at the same table and listen carefully to what they have to say and what their objectives and dreams are.”
Veli Hietaniemi, Laboratory Manager, Luke

Image at the top: Markku Vuorikari/Maaseudun tulevaisuus