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It was important for us that the calculations were made by an independent, trustworthy partner.

The customer

Burger-In Oy with its brand name Hesburger is a leading Finnish fast-food chain with over 400 restaurants in seven countries.

The need

The company is continuously seeking new environmentally friendly practices. One instrument in their strategy of becoming more and more sustainable is to minimize the carbon footprints of the products and compensate them with emission reductions from voluntary emissions trading markets. For that, Hesburger needed calculations on carbon footprints.

The solution

With a couple of research projects, Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) defined the carbon footprints of several Hesburger’s products. The customer decided to utilize the data for compensating carbon footprints of certain products. The actual compensation was done with NordicOffset.

The effectiveness

By transparently defining their products’ carbon footprint and taking active means to diminish them, Hesburger is at the forefront in its business sector in Finland. The data and actions are also used in consumer marketing to strengthen the company’s image as a leading, sustainable fast food company.

The funding

Hesburger ordered the research directly from Luke as a service.

Comments from the customer

“For us to be credible, it was important that the calculations were made by an independent, trustworthy partner. Luke did the research independently based on the data from us and our suppliers. Cooperation with Luke was pleasant and smooth.”
Jari Vuoti, Debuty CEO, Hesburger

Comments from Luke

“The carbon footprint assessments of restaurant, fast-food products and even diets are an evolving, interesting field also for Luke. Earlier, our Life Cycle Assessment research and services have focused mainly on single products, but in this assignment we defined the climate impacts of an entire product family.”
Juha-Matti Katajajuuri, Principal Research Scientist, Key Account Manager, Luke