Participatory Pathways to Sustainable Intensification. Innovation platforms to integrate leguminous crops and inoculants into small-scale agriculture and local value chains


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The overall aim of the project is to improve productivity, livelihoods, nutrition and household wellbeing in Ghana and Uganda, while counteracting environmental degradation and mineral depletion caused by monocultures. The study will address both the individual farm level and the rural community level. Introducing the use of biofertilizers through a participatory process can highlight the potential of location-based resources, and empower the community more widely.


High-quality biofertilizer production.Increased grain legume productivity. Reduced farm input costs and better economic outcomes for farmers. Enhanced soil health. Improved nutrition and wellbeing of small-scale farm households through diversification of farming systems and new income sources. Improved skills among farmers and stakeholders along the primary production chain. Improved technical efficiencies. Evidence-based evaluation of cost-benefits.