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Package-Heroes searches for packaging solutions, which address simultaneously food protection and the
global concern of plastic packaging waste. The project addresses this challenge by co-creating sustainable food packaging solutions, based on recyclable and biodegradable wood fibre materials and new food delivery, consumption, and recycling concepts. The aim is to produce novel concepts that are good for business, people as well as for the planet.


For business actors we provide information about biodegradable or recyclable materials, novel business concepts and support for ecosystem building. For regulators and authorities we provide recommendations for policy measures towards sustainable food packaging. For consumer organizations, citizen-consumers and environmental NGOs we provide information on sustainable materials and opportunities to collaborate with the leading actors in the field.

Saving the world by better packaging solutions

A good package keeps food safe and prevents food waste. At the same time, however, the food that we eat produces every day a huge amount of waste.

In Package-Heroes, we study and develop packaging solutions, which address simultaneously food protection and the global and constantly increasing concern of plastic packaging waste. More scientific knowledge is needed about the environmental effects of different materials and solutions, about the ways to commercialise new packaging innovations as well as about consumer preferences.

Package-Heroes is a research project funded by the Strategic Research Council functioning under the Academy of Finland. Our five-year-project kicked off in the beginning of 2019 and finishes by the end of 2023.