Monitoring bioeconomy – current approaches in EU Member states and at EU level

MontBioeco I

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Objectives, impacts and benefits

MontBioeco aims at screening and comparing the different approaches within the EU Commission and MS to monitor the progress in the bioeconomy. Integrated part of the study will be the detailed description of the most suitable key indicators and their respective data availability. The study will also support policy makers and technicians who want to measure bioeconomy in their local context by giving them a quick overview on the existing approaches and indicators.

1. Overview of monitoring actions of MS and commission, including the analysis of key indicators and data collection (in close cooperation with JRC and support of the MS via the BSW).
2. Analyzing differences between the monitoring systems
3. Suggesting a consistent approach of a bioeconomy monitoring that covers the core key indicators used in the MS and therefore allows a comparison of national bioeconomies.