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This project will promote the sustainable and diversified use of forests and its objectives are: 1) To increase the multiple use of forest ecosystem services by taking into account the needs of the society, private forest owners and entrepreneurs in natural products, 2) To provide information on the production of wood and other ecosystem services, in particular natural products, 3) To develop Forest Indicator, a web based tool which shows the changes in ecosystem services as a result of forest use, 4) To develop, pilot and instruct forest planning that considers the production natural products in private forests, and 5) To develop models that calculate the profitability and trade-offs of the production of natural products.

The project consists of five Work packages:  Work package 1. Regional level predictions and calculations of forest ecosystem services, Work Package 2. Development of Forest Indicator, Work package 3. Forest planning considering the production of natural products, Work package 4. inventory, monitoring and modeling of the production of natural products, and Work package 5.  Participation and dissemination.

The project supports forest owners’ decision making and the implementation of regional forest programs. In the long term, the project supports sustainable bio-economy and regional development. Benefits of the project materialize at both regional and private forest owners’ level.

Project beneficiary is the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke). Partners are Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Finnish Forest Centre, University of Applied Sciences and the University of Eastern Finland. Funding: European Regional Development Fund.