Developing the Agricultural Exhibition Park Elonkierto


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The goal is to profile The Agricultural Exhibition Park Elonkierto as a science and bioeconomy park and bring information across the most modern techniques. The aim is demonstrate Lukes latest research and current projects more understandable way, for example by making use of digital technology. In addition goal is to increase the sense of community by activating the inhabitants in the region, especially young people. The aim is to involve new partners and find new ways to co-operation.


The project output will be a new demonstration area of Lukes research, the marketing plan for the period 2017-2020, the digital technology plan and a demo video. Exhibitions in Elonkierto storehouse planned and produced with different actors and some theme evenings. In addition young people plan and carry out two own happenings. The project output will be a renewed operational culture in which things are done more and more in collaboration with other actors.