Advancing the bioeconomy transition in the Nordic Region


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The Goal of the networking:
- To understand the particular strengths of the region and their institutional frameworks and link the key stakeholders engaged in land-based biomass production
- To kick-off activities to show contributions from regional/local initiatives in the transition to a new bioeconomy
- To create attention on the need for strengthening social science research in the new institutional frameworks. and enabling environment for practitioners to learn across regions/ localities


Three workshops will be arranged including local field visits to investigate regional opportunities and challenges, to understand the conflicts between different uses and interests and to understand the potential impacts of the transition to a bioeconomy.
1)Kickoff at Nordregio, Sweden, September 2017.
2)Workshop in Finland, January 2018.
3)Workshop in Norway, June 2018.
4)Conference with field visit in November 2018 in Sweden.
5)Writing of policy brief and developing/initiating propo