Production of healthy Norway spruce seeds: host specificity, pathogenicity and infection biology of T.areolata

Cherry-spruce rust

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The aim of this project is to study the alternate host range of cherry-spruce rust for the control of the rust via plants to reduce seed losses in spruce seed orchards. In addition, we aim to clarify the role of insects in increasing genetic diversity of rust populations and spreading rust epidemics. Also the spreading capacity of different spores stages around Prunus trees is aimed to be determined.


Results help to improve rust control by cutting the rust life-cycle in specific parts of it. It is also possible to control the rust by concentrating on sporulation on specific plants. The role of insects in sexual reproduction in cones and increasing genetic diversity in rust populations is clarified. The spreading pattern of rust spores around Prunus are clarified by spore trapping and creating a model for the dispersal. Several scientific articles are to be prepared from the results.