Reindeer husbandry GIS-database and tools for the land use planning


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The aims of the project are to build up the reindeer herding GIS-database into Liiteri-system and make possible for reindeer herding co-operatives themselves to update their own GIS-data by the Harava-system. Also the reindeer husbandry statistics and the reindeer pasture data from co-operatives produced by Luke are included into Liiteri-system. In addition other information from the reindeer herding co-operatives on land use, settlement and rural economy can be viewed by Liiteri.


There is produced the above described reindeer herding GIS-database into Liiteri-system. At the same time there are produced the tools for different stakeholders in order to find and combine the relevant data and information on the reindeer husbandry and land use.