Dear old peonies- garden treasures for the genebank and to the market


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Projects goal is to collect and study old local peony clones for genbank as well as enhance their availability on the market. Target peonies are Paeonia anomala, P. × hybrida, P. humilis flore plena, P. tenuifolia and P. × festiva. Field experiments and genetic studies will be carried out to find unique types of the peonies. In the study, also samples from genbanks from Nordic countries are included. The project implements the aims of the National genetic resources programme.


Report on the old peony clones and their diversity in Finland and the potential for production of selected peony propagating material:
Scientific article on diversity of peonies in Nordic countries:
Securing the preservation of most valuable peonies in Finland:
The test field of the project will be presented to professionals and the public:
Professional and hobby journal articles: Presentations in the seminars: The final report cooperating with the Nordic countries