Biotalousprosessien ja -tuotteiden ympäristövaikutukset, -kustannukset ja -tuotot


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The aim of the project is to develop Luke's expertise, pioneering and competitiveness in the analysis of the economic impacts of bio-economic systems and business life. The project explores information on the environmental cost methods of biochemical chains, especially to extend the chain aspect. The project takes the process of environmental cost development into a number of research projects aimed at assessing total durability, resource efficiency and the added value of products / services.


The results include literature review, introduction of method development into numerous project proposals as well as outputs as part of Karetta Timonen’s dissertation aiming to utilize and develop lifecycle environmental cost method (E-LCC) into the bioeconomy chain as part of the analysis of multiple value products. The output serves to develop Luke’s expertise, pioneering and competitive ability in the analysis of the bio-economic systems and the economic impact of the business sector