Applying and combining disturbance and competition for an agro-ecological management of creeping perennial weeds


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The objective of AC/DC-weeds is to implement more and better agro-ecological management for creeping perennials in arable farming. Overall aim is to reduce plough-tillage in organic and conventional farming – and to replace glyphosate use in the latter also. Cropping systems with less herbicide use to control perennial weeds put less pressure on the environment, will be more resilient and would allow more biodiversity in the annual weed vegetation.


Novel approaches for agro-ecological management of perennial weeds demand to exploit, combine and evaluate cultural and physical control and bio-based herbicides. Creeping perennials are suppressed by disturbance or through competition hence, an agro-ecological management must activate these processes in a suitable and rational way. We propose to investigate new ways of agro-ecological management based on a better understanding of these processes.