Elena Valkama

Research Scientist








Tietotie 4, 31600 Jokioinen


Global, European and national quantitative research syntheses and meta-analyses in agricultural and environmental sciences. Carbon offset systems for agricultural land use: Statistical models for nutrients management in agriculture. The lead author of 16 articles, including 6 national, 2 European and 2 global meta-analyses, published in peer-reviewed scientific publication series. Scientific track records in Google scholar: h-index 13: citations >900. Broad-based expertise across research areas: -Agricultural modelling: development and application of bio-physical models to analyze cropping systems, and mitigation to climate change through cropping system management, e.g., organic farming and conservation agriculture –based systems (cooperation with University of Milan): -Climate change: assessment of GHG emissions, carbon sequestration and carbon balance by EX-ACT tool (training organized by FAO, certificate of attendance): -Environmental economy: development of carbon offset systems for agricultural land use (cooperation with University of Milan and FAO). -Agricultural economy: development and application of bio-economic models to optimize fertilizers use (cooperation with University of Helsinki).