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In 2018, the value of exported forest industry products totalled over EUR 13 billion, covering 21% of Finland’s goods exports. The total value of Finland’s goods export was EUR 64 billion.

Finland imported 11.57 million cubic metres of wood in 2018. Wood imports increased by one-third from the previous year.

“Pulpwood (63% of the total volume) and chips (27%) were the most significant import articles. The remaining 10% comprised logs, fuelwood, preserved wood and wood residues. The imports of pulpwood increased by 50% and those of chips by 16% from the previous year. The value of wood imports was roughly half a billion euros”, says Eeva Vaahtera, senior statistician at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

71% of imported wood came from Russia

Russia continued to be the most significant wood imports country for Finland, even though its importance decreased. In 2018, a total of 8.24 million cubic metres of wood were imported from Russia to Finland, accounting for 71% of total wood imports. The corresponding figure was 85% in the year before. Russia was followed by Estonia (12%) and Latvia (9%).

At the same time, a total of 2.10 million cubic metres of wood were exported from Finland, up by 48% from the previous year. Of total wood exports, 72% were exported to Sweden. It was followed by Germany (6%) and Poland (5%).

One-third of export earnings of forest industries came from paper

In 2018, the value of exported Finnish forest industry products totalled EUR 13.17 billion, covering 21% of Finland’s exports of goods (EUR 64 billion). In real terms, the exports of forest industry products increased by 5% from the previous year (deflated using the wholesale price index).

The exports value of wood-products industries totalled EUR 2.89 billion, down by 5% from the previous year. The value of exported pulp and paper industry products was EUR 10.28 billion, increasing by 8% from 2017 in real terms. The most important export articles for Finnish forest industries were paper (33% of the value of exported forest industry products), paperboard (22%) and pulp (20%). The value of exported pulp increased by up to 28%, and that of exported paper and paperboard increased by 3% from 2017.

Finland’s key trading partners for exported forest industry products were Germany, China and the UK. Germany accounted for 14% of the export earnings of forest industries, while China made up 10% and the UK 7%. Paper produced the highest value out of all product groups of forest industries exported to Germany and the UK, while pulp used in the manufacture of paper products accounted for 74% of forest industry products exported to China.

The value of imported forest industry products was EUR 1.59 billion. The most important trading partners were Sweden (17%), Estonia (15%) and Brazil (15%). Paperboard was the most important article imported from Sweden, while furniture made up the key article imported from Estonia. Forest industry products imported from Brazil nearly exclusively comprised bleached sulphate pulp.

Information about the statistics

Information about foreign trade in forest industry products is obtained from Finnish Customs. The statistics of foreign trade represent trade in goods between Finland and other countries. Enterprises engaged in foreign trade provide Finnish Customs with information about their activities and, on the basis of this information, Customs compiles the statistics of foreign trade, covering all product groups.