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Are you a leading researcher with profound expertise in your research field? Is your passion for working on the sustainable use of natural resources? Apply for our open professorships by May 19, 2020.

The Research Professorship in International Forest Policy and Governance focuses on global and regional policy processes affecting forest sector development. Special emphasis is on the interactions of European and global policy processes (e.g. land use, energy, climate change, environment, trade) and institutions with respect to the forest sector.

The Research Professorship in Mathematical Modeling for Forest Planning focuses on methods related to forest production function modeling and their application in multiple-use forest inventory and planning in changing environmental conditions. The scope extends from traditional timber-oriented production functions to vegetation and game-related functions and ecosystem services of forests.

The Research Professorship in Plant Health focuses on integrated pest management in field and horticulture crops in changing climate. Within the area of plant health, special attention is paid on knowing and monitoring the pests in order to develop and design diverse and resilient cropping systems that are less exposed to pests. The research provides technical knowledge and management solutions for sustainable agriculture mainly in the Boreal zone.

Applicants for a research professor are required to have a doctoral degree in a relevant field. The applicant must have a strong understanding and vision of the discipline in order to develop research in the field. Success in the position also requires experience in leading demanding research projects, strong methodological skills, proven track record in obtaining precompetitive research funding, established international networks, and the ability and willingness to communicate and disseminate research results.

The assignments will begin on December 1, 2020 and will last for five years.

You can find the full job announcements at the links below:

Research Professor in International Forest Policy and Governance

Research Professor in Mathematical Modeling for Forest Planning

Research Professor in Plant Health