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Last autumn, the largest amount of rye was sown on Finnish fields since 2000. The area sown with rye more than doubled, and next autumn, the volume of domestic rye is expected to be sufficient to cover domestic consumption.

The area sown with the principal cereals, i.e., barley and oats, remained at last year’s level. Of the entire cereal area – 1.1 million hectares – the share of barley is 460,000 hectares, while the share of oats is approximately 320,000 hectares. The wheat area has grown by 10 per cent, to 210,000 hectares, whereas the area sown with winter wheat has nearly tripled since 2018.

Share of feed grass more than a third of all arable land

The feed grass area, 780,000 hectares, has been growing for years. The share of the feed grass area has been approximately 35 per cent of the total utilised agricultural area in Finland of 2.3 million hectares. The area is the largest since 1986.

The volume of sown turnip rape and rapeseed the lowest in four decades

The area sown with turnip rape and rapeseed, approximately 37,000 hectares, is the smallest in 40 years. The largest amount of broad beans sown was the year before last, when they covered a larger area than potato. This year, the area sown with broad beans is approximately equal to that of turnip rape, a little over 17,000 hectares.

The cultivated area for peas, 14,000 hectares, is the largest since 1992. Approximately 25 per cent of the cultivated area is covered by peas for human consumption, the rest by feed peas.

Background to the statistics

The statistical data is based on plant-specific cultivation areas reported this spring by farmers in conjunction with main subsidy applications. It is estimated that 95 per cent of reports were available for this preliminary data. More detailed cultivation area data will be available for each ELY Centre on 16/07/2019. Luke will then publish its provisional statistics for regional utilised agricultural areas.

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