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Universum’s research on Most Attractive Employers 2018 revealed that Luke is the second most appealing place to work at according to natural science students. When it comes to technology students, Luke came in 29th place.*

Meliina Leppälä, a student in marketing in Aalto University, has been surprised by how many sided and varied her days as a communications and marketing trainee in Luke have been.

“Before coming to Luke I could never have imagined how much I would learn during my three-month internship! My thoughts have evoked genuine interest here and I’ve had the chance to establish new ways of doing and communicating about things. For me, this signals that Luke is willing to learn and grow as an organization. It’s been truly inspiring and given boost to my studies,” Meliina describes her internship, which comes to an end in two weeks.

Responsible jobs throughout the year

This year Luke is taking part in A Responsible Summer Job -campaign for the first time. Luke’s personnel manager Tiina Mellas tells, that Luke seeks to invest in working careers in all parts of the career path, not only in summer but throughout the year:

universummost attractive employer responsible summer job
HR Manager TIIna Mellas wants to meet every new employer who starts in her unit.

“In a knowledge based organization the most important resource are always the people. We consider every employee to be an expert. In Luke, we have different kind of career paths that enhance the employee’s development from their own individual standing points. Luke provides opportunities to grow, whether you are a research beginner or an already established international specialist,” Mellas enlightens the work philosophy in Luke.

Investing in people truly shows, says Meliina. Varied and interesting work opportunities are of course important but according to her, the one thing in an attractive employer above all is: a good feeling.

“Besides interesting assignments and opportunities in career development, it is really important to have fun at work also after graduating. Getting to work every morning has felt nice knowing that helpful and encouraging co-workers will be there have my back. I will miss this atmosphere,” Meliina says.

*In total, 13 495 Finnish students from 40 different universities and upper institutes took part in the research. Altogether the participants gave 55 460 assessment on employer value.