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Another year has passed, and a new year is at our doorstep. What did 2017 look like for us and our partners? Let’s have a look.


Laser scanning and 3D modelling are the new black in forest research.
New method recognises tree species automatically


Fish is good food, but, in addition to benefits to our health, moderate fishing can help to heal the environment.
Harvesting cyprinid fish helps mitigate eutrophication

Tired of lousy profit from your farm? Go organic!
Organic production is more profitable than conventional agricultural production


Your Excellency! Help us find new commercial applications from algae.
A new Center of Excellence in research unlocking the added value of algae

Et tu, Brute. Even the fungal viruses have been revealed to be unfaithful.
Luke’s research altered scientific understanding


Carbon-neutrality in 2050? Nah, let’s make it 2045. Free tips for everyone!
Beating the Paris Agreement

Stop the press! Barley has a genome twice as complex as yours. Now its secret has been disclosed.
Barley genome cracked: a scientific breakthrough


Do you know how many trees there are in the world? Neither do we, but these guys have the tools to give a good estimate.
Finnish know-how helps the world keep track its forests

Quiz: What grows 50% faster than its peers with less food and has a noble name?
Finnish rainbow trout swims in Vietnam

Upper left: Big Data is transforming forestry (Erkki Oksanen). Upper right: Finnish rainbow trout swims in Vietnam (Perttu Koski). Lower left: Transforming wood into food (Erkki Oksanen). Lower right: Harvesting cyprinid helps mitigate eutrophication (


What happens when 70 experts get together for a week to discuss forest resources?
FAO Global Forest Resources Assesment 2020 expert consultation in Joensuu

Sunday, Monday hoppy days, Tuesday, Wednesday, hoppy days… Hoppy days are here again!
Hunting Finnish hops


Don’t you just love top lists? We made an effort(e) to create one.
Big Data is transforming forestry


Moo! The Lapland cow was in dire straits but the inmates of a prison offered a helping hand.
Prison came to the Lapland cow’s rescue


Gummi bears, car paint coatings, prevention of blood clots… There’s a lot more to fish than you would think.
It’s a fishy business!

Do world hunger and sawdust waste seem like two separate issues? Our research team thinks not.
Transforming wood into food


After a food fiesta of the holiday season, it is important to remember that hundreds of millions of people are food insecure. A multinational research programme tries to make their future brighter.
A way to a better life

Oh, shit! We have more of it than we need to replace traditional fertilisers, but incentives and regulation are lagging behind.
Efficient nutrient recycling calls for a policy reform


Forests are a source of well-being, but also a source of many controversial debates.
Forest vs. Forest


Fancy for more stories? Behind every great Luke, there is a great Leia.
New Leia magazine is available online!

All the best for 2018!