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According to provisional data in the statistics on the structure of agricultural and horticultural enterprises, there were approximately 46,700 agricultural and horticultural enterprises in Finland in 2019. The number of farms has decreased by 900 from the year before. In 2019, just under two per cent of farms ceased operations. The number of farms of more than 100 hectares increased, while the number of farms of less than 100 hectares either decreased or remained unchanged in all size categories.

The average total field area of farms has been growing by about one hectare per year for several years. In 2019, farms had an average of 49 hectares of arable land. The farms with the largest field areas were in Southwest Finland, where the average farm size was almost 60 hectares. The smallest farms were in Southern Savonia, where the average total field area was 32 hectares.

The number of farmers aged over 70 increasing

The average age of farmers was 53 in 2019. On limited liability farms, the average age of farmers was the lowest, i.e. 48. Farmers in charge of farms owned by heirs were the oldest at an average age of 60. On family-run farms, the average age of farmers was 53.

– The number of farmers over 70 continued to increase. Last year, 30% of farmers were over 60, and only 16% of farmers were less than 40. The number of farmers over 70 has increased considerably during the year. In 2019, there were approximately 2,800, says Institute statistician Jaana Kyyrä from Luke.

Number of farmers on privately owned farms.

Background to the statistics

Statistics on the structure of agricultural and horticultural enterprises contain data on the number of agricultural and horticultural enterprises, their land use and production lines, as well as farmers in Finland. The statistics provide an overview of the ownership and production structure of Finnish agriculture and horticulture, as well as the number and age distribution of farmers. Most of the data for the statistics are pooled from rural administration registers. The figures presented here are provisional. The final results will be published at the end of April.

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