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The autumn of 2018 signified the second successive year with a low cereal harvest. Of the harvest of 2.7 million tons, 60 per cent were sold from farms. One quarter of all cereals sold from farms, roughly 400,000 tons, was exported. This was the lowest export volume in a decade.

“Cereal stocks of farms emptied last year when the harvest level was lower than annual consumption. In Finland, some three billion kilos of cereals are consumed every year”, says Anneli Partala, senior statistician at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

Majority of the harvest used as feed

The majority of cereals produced in Finland are used as feed for domestic animals – some 56 per cent of the 2018 harvest. Barley, wheat and oat are important fodder cereals in Finland. Only rye is used purely for food.

The lowest export volume in a decade

Oats is an important export article for Finland. More than one-third of the 2018 oats harvest, i.e. 300,000 tons, was exported. While the export levels of oats are fairly stable, other cereals are mainly exported when their harvest levels exceed domestic consumption. Between 1 July 2018 and 30 June 2019, only the export levels of oats were significant, totalling nearly 80,000 tons.

Background to the statistics

Luke’s Statistical Services monitors the production, use, consumption and stocks of domestic cereals on the basis of available statistical data. The cereal balance sheet and statistics of the use of harvests on farms are prepared every crop year. The most recent statistics are estimates prepared for the crop year from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018. The statistics are available on The Finnish Cereal Committee also monitors the status of each crop year on a quarterly basis at its website.