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Forest industries’ roundwood consumption continued to increase in 2018, for the sixth year in succession. Consumption reached the mark of 70 million cubic metres for the first time in ten years. Forest industries processed more domestic roundwood than ever before, and the consumption of imported roundwood also increased. Of different branches of industry, the highest amount of roundwood was consumed by the chemical pulp industry.

“In 2018, the forest industries’ roundwood consumption totalled 74 million cubic metres. This amount was nearly four million cubic metres more than in the previous year and the fourth highest of all time. The highest amount of roundwood, 76 million cubic metres, was consumed in 2006”, says Esa Ylitalo, Senior Statistician at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

“In addition to roundwood, the forest industries also consumed approximately ten million cubic metres of sawmill chips and dust in the manufacture of forest industry products. This amount was roughly the same as in 2017.”

Photo: Juha Laitila

More domestic roundwood was consumed than ever before

The forest industries processed a total of 64 million cubic metres of domestic roundwood. This amount was four per cent higher than in 2017 and more than ever before.

After four years of a decrease, the consumption of imported roundwood turned to an increase. The consumption of imported roundwood increased by one-fifth from the previous year to nine million cubic metres. According to Ylitalo, more than twice the amount consumed in 2018 was used in the record year of 2006, when imported roundwood comprised up to one-fourth of the total roundwood consumption.

Chemical pulp industry the largest user of roundwood

The consumption of roundwood increased from the previous year in all assortments and in all forest industry branches, apart from the semi-chemical pulp industry and other wood-products industry. The chemical pulp industry processed the highest amount of roundwood, slightly exceeding 35 million cubic metres. This was nine per cent more than in the year before, and the highest amount recorded in the industry so far. Roundwood consumption in the sawmilling industry increased by three per cent to 27 million cubic metres.

The most used assortment was pine pulpwood at 19 million cubic metres.

“The consumption of pine pulpwood increased from the previous year by two million cubic metres, being more than ever before. It was followed by spruce logs at almost 15 million cubic metres”, says Ylitalo.

The majority of consumption in Southeast Finland – the highest growth in Central Finland

Nearly one-fifth of roundwood, or 14 million cubic metres, were consumed in the region of South Karelia. Consumption was over eight million cubic metres in Central Finland and Kymenlaakso. In Central Finland, the consumption of roundwood increased by more than two million cubic metres, or nearly 40 per cent, from the previous year.