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What can consumers do to help resolve the eutrophication problem? Luke participated in the Do You Pay it Forward? campaign, launched in June 2018, which aimed to offer tips on how to make nutrient-smart choices.

Consumers mainly contribute to eutrophication through food and wastewater. The Do You Pay it Forward campaign offered advice on how to reduce the consumption of nitrogen and phosphorus, and their adverse impact on watercourses by making smart food, recycling and water consumption choices and by minimising food waste.

The main message of the campaign was: “You are part of the food chain – not its terminal point.”

The campaign reached more than two million people, nearly 40% of all Finns. In addition to social media channels and newspaper articles, it got visibility in  events and at 1,200 bus stops all over Finland.

Luke’s researchers contributed to the campaign through their expertise in food waste, water-smart food choices and sorting.

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